Karma Bank Withdrawal

Another glorious September sunset at the beach!


Stinson Beach September Sunset

I lost my iPhone 6+ on the beach on the way out. ACH! We were rationalizing that I wanted to get the 7 anyway and my phone backs up to the cloud regularly so I only would have really lost the photos I took that day. These are the things you say to yourself as you contemplate replacing a device that you paid more than half a grand for with another device that will cost even more! Never-the-less this is not how I envisioned that going down and was seriously bummed out.

From CW’s phone we sent a Find my iPhone message and alarm that alerts a finder to call the number that’s entered and allows a locked phone to make that call.

I said to my honey that I hoped the good Karma from all the times I’ve gotten a lost cell phone back to its rightful owner would come back to me. Then I stared at his phone the whole way home waiting to see if my ‘unavailable’ phone would come back online. Once we got back into cell service there was a voice message from a guy who actually said he was hoping for some good Karma by returning the phone he found. Called him back and said we’d drive wherever we needed to to pick it up and what are the odds (?!) but he lives in our home town. 20 minutes later and 1/2 mile from home I was in possession of my precious once again.

Do good things and good things will come back to you.

Have you set up your Find my iPhone yet?