Holy coincidences Batman!

Just finished reading the beta version of the book Wicked Folk by Jamie McFarlane and loved it.

I’ve recently FB posted a shout out to all my friends to read the first in the series, Wizard in a Witchy World which can be purchased at fickledragon.com for just 99 cents!! And hey–don’t forget to check out the Rookie Privateer series while you’re there.

Wizard in a Witchy World cover art

Wizard in a Witchy World cover art

So I told my peeps that my name is in the book and everyone should read it to find out where. ***Spoiler Alert*** The acknowledgements ’cause I’m a beta reader you sillies.

Now for the crazy part. In the second book of the series there are the following references to me, sort of, but not really. Say what? Read on:

  • Whyte Wood Coven (actually named after me in both books)
  • Character: Kelli (not me in either book)
  • Character: Aaron Merritt (nope and since he didn’t even know I’m a Merritt, Aaron is not meant to rhyme with my sister Karon neither)
  • Character: Petaluma (he says Luma could be a coincidental, subconcious reference–he’s seen it in my address)
  • Cover model for first book (says it’s not me but really who’s he kidding?? Look at her up there, a spitting image!)

Do you think future generations of my family will hand down my book copies and perpetuate the legend that this book has my name(s) all over it?